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Quick Read: How is performance managed in Agile Organizations?

What is Agile? But most important, we first have to know what Agile is not. People often get confused about the term and the implementation of it in the organizations, by just not really understanding it in it’s real purpose. So let's clarify this first.

Quick Read: How to delegate for best results.

Delegating effectively is not a walk in the park. It’s a meticulous process that requires extensive support from both sides. Without delegating, companies would NOT exist. A company exists because the person who initiated the business idea did not decide to do everything by themselves even if it was possible. 

Quick Read: Impacts of coaching instead of managing on a business/organization Part 2

Why coaching is better than Managing in a business/organization. At its best, coaching is about partnering rather than about one person being "the expert" and lecturing the other. It’s about guidance, not control. It’s about learning, not knowing. 

Quick Read: Impacts of coaching instead of managing on a business/organization Part 1

Organizations exist to solve problems. That’s undisputable. How are they able to do that? By equipping workers with necessary skills, equipment and materials to get the job done. This forms a complex system that works together in harmony. 

Quick Read: Things that organizations and their leaders have in common

“True leadership stems from individuality that is honestly and sometimes imperfectly expressed… Leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection.” – Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

Quick Read: Tips on how to stand out

Be confident. It goes without saying that confidence goes a long way
Become a better listener. We all hate people who talk nonstop and never listen. 

Quick Read: Coaching Approach

So when we talk about our coaching approach, there's a few ways to do this. The first of which is all around the cheerleader, it's all about that positive interview. It's all about how do I give you as much good blacks so that you, as a business owner are coming up with their plans. You as a business owner are coming up with the action steps to, for cheerleading is a formal coaching, by the way it exists. 

Quick Read: Road Trip

Well, let's talk about what a road trip looks and feels like. So when we in our community say road trip, pink process optimization, what the heck does that mean? That means I need to understand the full slough. For those of you who've been in consulting, you already know there's a couple of tricks I'm going to give here, but if you haven't welcome, when you're talking about helping a team, understand how to optimize a process, how to make it better, how to make it faster.

Quick Read: How to scale your teams and skills?

Making a team better and turning them into a “dream team” is a difficult task to take upon yourself but not impossible.

Quick Read: 10 Characteristics of High Performing Teams

Organizations and businesses exist to solve problems. These solutions are created and developed by your employees. Employees do not exist in a vacuum and they certainly do not make big EPIC things happen as individuals. Hello Teams! To guarantee the success of the organization or business, team members need to co-exist to achieve sustainable performance & productivity. I said sustainable not maximum. What happens when you drive your car at maximum speed for long periods of time? It catches on fire! 

Quick Read: Get real, and get ahead! 

Get real, and get ahead - 5 ways to become more authentic

The world is filled with 10 billion people. Out of those billions, there is only one you. There are a large number of limitations when you try to stay “normal” or hide in the shadows of others. Stepping up and being authentically you ensures your full potential is untethered. Show up and show out!

Quick Read: Coaching vs Managing Part 1

What comes to mind when you hear the word coaching? TEAMS. Functional, organized people getting a major goal accomplished. And that’s why the head of a sports team is called a coach and not a manager.

Quick Read: Top 7 reasons facts don’t change our minds and what to do about it

 A recent study done by The New Yorker squashed the ever so famous quote by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “You’re entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.”

Quick Read: 4 ways to overcome conflicts at work

Did you know that, on average, we’ll spend  60% of our lives working? That’s 90,000 hours of our lives with our colleagues. No on  wants to spend 8+ hours every day in a stressful environment with unfriendly coworkers.Yes, virtual team members count. Personalities shine on the phone and zoom calls just like they do in person.. Trust me... 

Quick Read: Tips on productivity in teamwork

Let’s face it, some days we are full of energy and get so much done that we feel like can take over the world. On other days we function on 100% auto-pilot. This applies as an individual and in teams. Regardless of whether you are an individual contributor or a leader, understanding how energy flows matters. In order to avoid the trap of “I can’t get more done” try these tips for covering more ground in a focused time period.

Quick Read: What do managers do in Agile organizations?

The #1 question during an agile transformation is what do Managers do? Here is the short answer. No worries! We will elaborate more in our upcoming articles.

Quick Read: Create the right balance for higher performance

Whether you are an “internal CEO” leading teams or an entrepreneurial business mogul making moves on your own, you need leadership and coaching skills to survive & thrive. You need a team even if it just a team of 1.

Quick Read: 4 Easy Tips on creating high performing teams, businesses and organizations

Simple is genius. Avoid the trap of confusion, weird new terms and over-complicated systems. People need people. We need to connect, align, and find a purpose in what we are doing. 

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