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Implementing team-wide agile & digital transformation for maximum efficiency and high employee satisfaction.

How does Action Leadership Lab help me?

Join Lynn Bonner, highly credentialed top-tier Agile coach, to address the changing business world. Benefit from her decades of industry experience and behavioral science approach as she addresses:

  • Outdated business models addressed through immersive and hands-on experiential learning to apply right now for results.

  • 360 degree customer journey evaluation, aligning your people and processes to the highest priorities.

  • Biases and microaggressions addressed so you can up-level your leadership skills.

  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) imbedded into your business transformation.

Why Us

Our team works with businesses large and small. Our goal is sustainable superhuman productivity and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. Use our years of experience with the top companies in the world to get RESULTS NOW. You do not have time for trial and error. 



The transformation of businesses and its very survival relies on co-creation & collaboration. Yet, 42% of black women reported being asked to provide evidence of competence compared to 29% of white women and 16% of men. This toxic behavior is a recipe for disaster. Collaboration & open innovative movement won't happen in a culture where basic fairness doesn't exist. This behavior impacts EVERYONE not just people of color. 

Objectives and Outcomes

  • Learn The LE2AD Principles decision-making framework - Power in actionable simplicity
  • Create Customer Journey Maps with prioritized action steps
  • Co-create actionable 90-day Mission Package
  • Identify the top three areas for immediate transformation with the biggest impact now
  • Aligning talent to the mission and purpose
  • Identify microaggressions driven by biases and learn how to address them as a Leadership Team
  • Tracking metrics - What gets measured gets DONE
  • Build in accountability practices for long lasting results
  • Progress follow-up plus identification of the next three focus areas based on immersive lab results



According to studies by KPMG & Deloitte, $1.7B was planned for agile & digital transformation but 70% will be wasted. Why? The wrong focus.

This was an experience not a training. We jumped in, laid out a realistic plan on how to systematize my online business and then DID IT. Now my clients get my full attention instead of me dealing with distractions that do not add fun to my life or business. This was the best investment I could have made.


Success Coach

Lynn led our Business (Agile) Transformation of over 7K professionals. She was the key point of contact for creating the roadmap, training, and communications, to move us from traditional phased delivery. The change to agile DRASTICALLY shortened the time from customer request to delivery from 44 days to 20 days by (nicely & professionally) highlighting our bottlenecks, giving recommendations, and creating more collaboration across the organization.



Action Leadership Lab helped with getting clear on what I wanted and then providing a clear super simple step by step process to getting there. Now we own a home, kicked off our business and are living the life we always dreamed.


Business Coach

Action Leadership Lab

Wasted money and toxic behavior impacts more than people of color. These factors lead to slower delivery, lower quality, unengaged employees, unhappy customers, and terrible decisions . . . all of which impact your reputation and drive down bottom lines.


Prevent chaos, confusion, and wasted time.  

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